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What Is a Logo And Why Is It Used

Draughtsmen and graphic designers are commonly asked to create logos for their clients. A mission that may seem simple from outside, and yet it is a long-term job.

Discover all the steps necessary to creative process and the pitfalls to avoid to draw THE logo that makes the difference!

A logotype should not only be beautiful. It must make sense and be recognizable to everyone.

The graphic design of a professional logo owes nothing to chance!

What is a logo for?

ESSENTIAL ! The logo is the visual identity of the company. image that connects company to its target.

Without great speech, just thanks to this little pictogram, the consumer identifies not only the company name, but also its culture, its products, its image …

A good logo must convey a message. It forms the basis of all visual communication.

Its colors will be declined to determine graphic charter taken on all media related to the brand (business cards, letterhead, flyer, website, commercial brochure …).

Its forms will also serve as a reminder for communication campaigns.

In short, to put it simply, the logo is inseparable from marketing and communication plans.

It allows the general public to identify at a glance a company and its characteristics and make the link with all the values ​​it conveys.

The logo has a very important impact on public.

So much so that there is even a board game that is entirely dedicated to him. And in this game, the children are very strong. Proof that the image has a real impact and is fixed in the collective unconscious at a very young age.

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