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Improve your Social Media Visual Strategy

Improve your Social Media Visual Strategy

Social networking is an inevitable aspect of any business today, so in the creating a logo process, remember to think about your profiles on R.S.

Whether you agree or disagree, social networks can display many elements of your business and make them visible to a wider audience.

And your company logo has a big impact on how your business is perceived in the marketplace. It lets your customers know what you are selling and can even help them stay loyal for years.

There are many different Rs platforms, and the logo should be tailored to each one of them or at least to those you use for your business.

It should be accurate and remarkable in many forms, including for a Twitter icon, a Facebook thumbnail, on Youtube, etc.

Here are some of the main ways your logo influences social media marketing:

It can help increase your number of followers, friends and actions. A professional and attractive logo on a web page or post on a blog is more likely to be shared with friends than one that does not seem reliable or trustworthy.

It increases the perception of your business size : having an attractive logo and branding reflects a professional image of your business and will make it look bigger than it is – even if you are a team of two or three people who work in pajamas.

It shows professionalism and increases trust – A well-designed logo shows that your business is professional and, above all, is trustworthy. Customers will feel that your business will always be up and running in the years to come.

It helps you stand out from the competition.

It allows the recognition of platforms brand . When a logo is used consistently across multiple platforms, customers will have multiple impressions of your logo and will remember it more easily.
Whatever your design experience level , here are some tips to help make your logo more usable and effective for online marketing:

Square images are used by most social networks. So make sure your logo is in place and your audience always recognizes you immediately. Many companies use a single letter or graphic element of their logo on social networks.

It is essential that your logo is made with a vector file. These are easy-to-edit files that do not lose any quality when resized. This will ensure that your logo always looks like the logo in maximum quality. Make sure to sample your logo with different sizes and feel free to try these samples on the social networks that come to your mind.

Keep your logo simple. Avoid fine lines, excess words and too detailed graphical elements.

Be consistent. your brand image is strengthened if the public sees the same image representing your company / organization everywhere, so try not to change the logo for each social network. Many major brands create a simplified variation of their logo that they use for each social network.
Social media campaigns are an important marketing and advertising strategy to improve your business image . Visual content will also help you create an online name.

By creating interesting and engaging graphical productions for social networks, you’ll be able to attract more users, promote your brand and increase your visibility.

It is therefore very important for you to use your logo, your colors and your corporate policy in your campaigns. They help you raise awareness, build relationships, and generate more leads.

That’s all ! We hope you have found our article interesting.

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