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Difference Between Photoshop and Lightroom

Difference Between Photoshop Vs Lightroom

Everyone knows an idea of what Photoshop is for. But what about Lightroom? What are the fundamental differences between the two programs published by Adobe? So, we can ask which software is best suited to his needs? These are the questions I will answer today.

Adobe is the undisputed leader in the field of image editing. Its software is known around the world. Let’s see immediately what are these programs, who they are specifically intended for and what they are capable of doing.

1. Photoshop (Ps)

It is the flagship software of the range and also the best known. Because of its price and its interface, it is of course intended for photographers, professionals of the photographic creation or graphic designers.

Appeared in 1990, there were 14 versions and then, on this beautiful morning of August 1, 2013, it was no longer possible to buy the software. Since then, the CS versions (Creative Suite) have been replaced by the CC version (Creative Cloud).

Now place Photoshop in the clouds … Concretely, this means that the perpetual license no longer exists and any photographer wishing to use this software must subscribe to a monthly subscription (11.99 €).

What is Photoshop for?

This software is designed to retouch photos, make extremely elaborate photomontages, create the graphical interface of his website, draw … In short, with him, there is no limit (apart from his own creativity). In return, using this software involves having a solid knowledge of image editing.

Photoshop comes with Camera Raw, a demosaicing software that, as its name suggests, allows raw photos to be processed.

3. Lightroom (Lr)

Created in 2007, it is the latest addition to the range. Its price has been seriously revised downward (it first went from € 300 to € 150 in 2012 and then € 129 today), it is not only intended for photography professionals and amateurs but also to photography enthusiasts. Lightroom exists today in two forms: the version 6 which corresponds to the perpetual license and the monthly subscription (always to 11,99 €) in the form CC (the famous Creative Cloud of Adobe).

What is Lightroom for?
This software has a function completely different from the two others presented above. Indeed, Lightroom has been designed to manage the photographic production process, there is no question of creating photomontages and other compositions. The goal of lightroom is to allow photographers to:

1-import, classify, sort, annotate and geotag their photographs;
2-beautify your photos by correcting, among other things, exposure, colors or the transition to black and white;
3-to extract his photos and export them in the format of his choice (TIFF, JPEG, PNG …);
4-create slideshows even see Time Lapse videos;
5-prepare boards to print his photos;
6-create photo books
7-create html pages to publish his images on the web.

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